Ethil's Wall is an area in the Dragonland Chronicles.


Although the great wall of the north bears the name of Ethil II, construction began several hundred years before his reign, as a first attempt to keep the orcish raids at bay. A consul in the ancient republic of Westmar recognized the increased threat from the foul creatures of the Darklands, which at the time were mere bands of scouts sent from the Ashen Plains. Initially constructed as a simple earthen barrier broken off by archer towers, the Consul’s Wall, as it was then called, steadily grew in size and magnitude ever attempting to keep pace with the increased northern attacks. Border towns such as Kayrn’s Hope flourished despite the threat from the other side.

Then came the Black Tide, the onset of the Orcish March, which crossed the wall, tearing down great sections of it and destroying the surrounding towns with terrible and chilling ease. The Consul’s Wall did nothing to delay the First Battle of the Ivory Plains, and the men, elves and dwarves of the time were given no quarter to gather more than rudimentary strength.

Many decades of slow recovery followed, but the wall was only improved upon with human skulls during the reign of the Dark One. After the Second Battle of the Ivory plains, the Realms were free once more, and the first Great King at Westmar since the dark days wowed never to let the pitiless creatures pass into civilized lands again. The orcs and netherkind of the Darklands were not seen by men for a hundred years.

Bearing the name of his great ancestor Ethil I, he was a wise and noble king and it was he who shaped the current monumental limesone wall, which so majestically reaches for both the stars and the distant horizon. Ethil’s Wall is thought utterly impenetrable. However, a lurking shadow has been seen stalking the western reaches of the barrier, seemingly seeking council with darkened things, as if some treacherous and unspeakable covenant was being made...

Excerpt from ‘The Histories of the North’, ANNO CXLVIA.W.F II of Human reckoning.