Rondo A'la Turca
???? (romaji) (Full Kanji, Unofficial)
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Appears On The Battle of the Ivory Plains
Track 8
Length 1:46
Written By Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Arranged by: Dragonland
Preceded By Graveheart
Followed By A Secret Unveiled

Rondo A'la Turca is the eighth track of Dragonland's first full-length album, The Battle of the Ivory Plains. The music of the song was written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and was arranged by Dragonland.


"Last words of my dear brother:
Seek your origin in the mithril mountain
All answers shall be revealed ...
And take care of the ones back home
Before it's too late...
We'll meet again in lands beyond this world
We shall walk the silver fields again...

(Solo: E.H)





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