The Book Of Shadows Part II: The Glendora Outbreak
???? (????) (Full Kanji, Unofficial)
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Appears On Starfall
Track 11
Length 4:51
Written By (music) Holmlid, Mörck
(lyrics) Mörck
Preceded By The Book of Shadows Part II: The Curse of Qa'a
Followed By None

The Book of Shadows Part III: The Glendora Outbreak is the eleventh track of Dragonland's third full-length album, Starfall. It is also instrumental.


October 25th, 2004: Town of Glendora, California, United States

"Eager to carry out their first mission after their training at the military academy, young Corporal John Roberts' squad of elite troops is deployed by chopper at a small countryside town. They have recently learned in their short briefing that the 19th century plague has mysteriously once again got a foothold in the town of Glendora. A horrible sight meets their eyes as they enter the quarantine zone; hundreds of dying men, women and children lined up in rows of medical tents outside the city hall.

They spend a restless night with nightmarish horrors burned into their minds, images of children screaming in pain. As morning breaks over the cursed town the young troops get their equipment ready and exit their tent, only to realize that full chaos is unleashed with the coming of the sun; their former comrades are now strafing wildly at both the inhabitants of the town, and on each other. The whole detention area has clearly been stripped of all sane residues, leaving only the young detachment unaffected.
"The five brave young soldiers find themselves caught in the middle of a war zone, and as they watch the horrendous scene before their eyes, the mindless inflicted slowly turn their heads towards the soldiers with hollow tortured eyes filled with hunger. Roberts opens fire in desperation with the approach of the horde, but soon finds their numbers too great to handle. One after one his companions fall victim to the crowd, and soon he finds himself running for his very life. Roberts' struggle seems futile as a bullet hits him, piercing his shoulder with the razor-sharp pain of a thousand needles ripping trough his flesh, and as he screams loudly from the trauma the blood-thirst of the menacing crowd seems to increase.

Yet his horror of standing upon the edge of his demise slowly fades away with the realization of the extent of destruction this small outbreak would reach if it was to spread any further, and conviction fills his heart that contact with the outside world must be made before escape could be attempted. Right across the horde he sees a large military vehicle, which no doubt contains the equipment necessary to call for aid, so he now begins to furiously fight his way through the mass of flesh gone mad, so he now begins to furiously fight his way through the mass of flesh gone mad, and miraculously reaches the vehicle with the last of his remaining power. Without hesitation our protagonist calls upon reinforcements, arrive only moments later. Soon after he is picked up by chopper, while the once-sleepy town of Glendora lies in ruins after being subjected to numerous air strikes hindering the terrible plague of spreading any further.

Acoustic solo: Mörck

"John Roberts, only survivor of the Glendora outbreak, finds himself at a nearby military installation a few hours later, and his wounds are being treated with tender care.

A great sense of relief fills his mind, and soon he is relieved of consciousness as the heavy sedatives circling his system set in.

His recovery proves to be remarkably swift, and his bruised body is back to full health just days later. He wakes up to the sound of flashes and the noise of the chattering of reporters from all over the globe; stories of his heroic acts are already being broadcast on the evening news.

Piano solo: Holmlid

"Shortly afterwards the journalists are replaced by the soldier's beloved wife together with their little son and the family dog. The tender words of his young wife soothe his mind as he embraces her with the appreciation only a man who has stared his own oblivion in the face can show. Their young son produces a happy giggle, his youth leaving him blissfully ignorant of his father's recent hardships. But the golden-furred dog that has always been known to have great affection towards his master refuses to even step near the hospital bed upon which Roberts rests. As he extends his hand towards the animal it barks loudly, making the small child replace his giggle with crying.

Moments later the doctor in charge of Roberts' treatment enters the room with the welcome news of his ability to now leave the military hospital for his home.

Solo: Mörck

Two weeks later, Washington DC

"A misty November's morning in the great cemetery of fallen soldiers, the air is thick with grief for the souls who lost their lives on that accursed day and the umbrellas worn by the funeral procession seem to form a black roof covering the funeral grounds and the caskets of the departed. Sobs and silent cries fill the air with a laden foreboding mixed with the echoing of a distant church bell singing a somber melody soon quenched by heavy rain, forming spires of water from the sky to the ground. At the front of the procession Roberts is carrying one of the caskets with a firm grip, and with a silent thump the coffin sets down in the rainy grass.

Throughout the pouring rain a number of gun salutes from men in ceremonial military can be heard, and as Roberts slowly looks up and observes the coffin in front him, he realizes that his heart is completely devoid of any grief, regret or sorrow. The casket slowly begins to morph back and forth into a sarcophagus in his mind, making him doubt his very senses. He makes a disturbed face as he hears what can only be words of death and defilement in a language he would have no wish to ever learn.
"After the funeral ceremony the young Corporal is celebrated and awarded with medals proving his bravery, but none of the warm words of his appraisers touches his mind, for it is now all black, and as if automated, he salutes as one of the medals are pinned to his uniform. As he sighs shortly after, it feels to him like the last of his soul is departing from him with that single breath. The observing crowd produces a great applause in recognition of his heroic deeds, but in his ears the sound is like a million mosquitoes hungry for his blood.

As the ceremony is over he is bestowed the rank of Major and promises of real career oppurtunites are being spoken to him as, with determined steps, he walks away from the setting with only a feeling of insatiable hunger for power filling his mind, quietly mumbling to himself the foul incantations once heard outside Prince Qa'as tomb.
"And with this grim setting my story has now reached its end, yet, it is merely a beginning some would say.
Who am I? Oh, I've had so many names throughout the centuries; I was once called Prince Wa'a, son of Semerkhet, imprisoned for what my captors believed an eternity underneath an ocean of sand.

Today, my name is John Roberts, Major and Commander of the 34th Company, and this newest human vessel will be an ideal tool indeed for fulfilling my prophecy, which I inscribed in those first lines on my tomb door all those millennia ago...