The lost saviour prophecy is an excerpt from Elsydeon Le'erevan. It is shown on the inner part of the the case of Holy War, where the CD rests.

One born of dragons One with the unyielding heart One who will bring forth hope and glory To salvage us all in these dark times

With a blazing sword of light Guiding us through the darkness He shall unite us all Rending old petty hatred from our hearts

Brother will stand beside brother Elf will stand beside Dwarf His sword will shed its light upon us And illuminate us all

But woe, shall He fail us Darkness will scorch this world beyond our darkest dreams Forever shall tyranny dominate Dragonland And evil will reign

But shall justice and hope prevail And if our saviour will be successful He will turn down His heritage. Vanish from this world And take darkness with him...

Anno 43 A.W.F II // Elsydeon, the eldest of The Elven Circle Chapter VI of "The lost saviour prophecy"

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